Kwesi Pharma

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is a leading Turkish certified wholesale company specializing in the export and import of a wide range of pharmaceutical products, medical supplies and health care products.

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Your best choice to import medicine from Turkey.

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Through the accumulative and extended experience of our team for years, we strive clearly and consistently to be the first choice for our customers to meet all their requests.

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We have a multinational and multilingual business development team that continues to serve and follow up clients, meet their requests on an ongoing basis, find appropriate solutions, and provide the necessary support at any time they need.

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We work with major domestic and international shipping and logistics companies to meet customer requests, deliver them to anywhere around the world, and provide professional, fast, safe and affordable logistical service.

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Local expertise, global reach

With customers in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe, we are a leader, reliable pharmaceutical Wholesale warehouse that exports and imports a wide range of healthcare products.

Our Vision

Expanding the scope of our business in order to reach our medical and humanitarian services to the maximum extent possible through our investment in developing our company and expanding our client base with all provisions and consistency to become the first and most appropriate choice for our partners and clients.

Our services

Trade and export

The essence of our work at Kwesi Pharma is to create a wide network of customers and markets, and we have been able to achieve great successes through which we aim to achieve our vision of reaching international partnerships covering all countries of the world.

Integrated logistics solutions

We have established an effective and tight system to manage the supply chains of products in general from the point of exit of products from the source and processing for shipment and export and following up the supply process to the last point when the products reach the final destination.

Consulting and market analysis

By analyzing the market situation for effective pharmaceuticals in Turkey, we can help customers achieve an ideal profitable purchase deal by arranging with them a purchase plan that matches quality standards in a timely manner at competitive prices that enable them remains at the forefront of their market.

Parallel trade

In the Single Market, we can buy pharmaceuticals in any EU/EEA country and then under strictly regulated conditions move medicines to the destination market, repackage them to comply with national legislation and linguistic needs, and sell them at a lower price than the standard local price.

Exclusive marketing and distribution contracts with manufacturers and distribution channels

We are working on arranging agreements with manufacturers and suppliers to market and distribute their products in emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa, by taking advantage of our reliable network base of Domestic and international partners.

Contribute to providing service to humanity

Our main focus is on providing medicines and medical supplies from the Turkish and European markets and providing an ideal and integrated distribution service through the supply and export of the needs of our customers and partners.

Our current international client base
  • Medicines wholesalers and medical supplies
  • To pharmacies
  • Hospitals and private clinics
  • Government health departments
  • non-governmental organizations

The first step to success in importing medicines from Turkey is your contact with us We assign you a professional international sales representative for you now Please do not hesitate to contact us directly via WhatsApp, by calling, sending mail, or you can fill out the inquiry form, and we will be glad to contact you.

Our success philosophy


We do all internal and external activities with simplicity and ease.


We are distinguished by a speedy response and high communication with our customers, and to meet their requests as quickly as possible and with positive and continuous interaction with them.


We provide our customers with the best prices and competitive offers and enable them to reach the best profits in their markets.


We complete all stages of work at a high speed, starting with receiving the order and ending with delivery of the order and after-sales services.


We adopt the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reliability in all our internal and external activities based on the highest standards followed in Turkey.


We have a tight internal system that adopts the highest levels of confidentiality, authenticity and privacy for all clients.

Our excellence

  • We have access to the largest number of sources, producers, suppliers and logistics service providers, with whom we have an extended close relationship, whether in the Turkish market or all over the world, in order to provide orders at the best possible price without compromising international quality standards.
  • We have extensive experience in the markets in which we operate as a result of our long and close relationships with our partners, as we work to analyze their needs and provide them with competitive offers through which they can stay on top of their markets permanently
  • We have a multinational and multilingual business development team that continues to follow up clients, meet their requests on an ongoing basis, find appropriate solutions, and provide the necessary support at any time they need.
  • Turkey’s market is considered the best option around the world to import medicines and medical supplies.

Our pride and strength are our solid and long-term relationships with our partners and customers, whether local or regional, based on the principle of profit - profit for all and based on trust and its essence is quality.