Kwesi Pharma


Our Partners


  • During our career, customer satisfaction has always been our first priority and thus we were able to build a large portfolio of international clients, with more than 200 clients, distributed in more than 58 countries in 4 continents.
  • With our impeccable record of success and the durability of the relationship we have established with our clients, we were able to touch their satisfaction by repeating business with us year after year.
  • Our distinguished team pays special attention to each customer, and follows up all his requests individually while providing the necessary support at any time from the start of the order until the completion of shipping, export and follow-up of after-sales services.
  • We develop our workers and sales photography team according to our own system to reach the highest levels of satisfaction

 Our current international client base

  • Medicines wholesalers and medical supplies
  • To pharmacies
  • Hospitals and private clinics
  • Government health departments
  • non-governmental organizations

Sources and manufacturers

  • We have a wide base of manufacturers, producers and suppliers of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and pharmaceutical products that are known for their expertise and high quality.
  • We offer a range of varied medicinal products with more than 5,000 products.

Logistics solution providers

We work with major domestic and international shipping and logistics companies to meet customer requests and deliver them to anywhere around the world and provide professional, fast, safe and affordable logistical service.

Our pride and strength is our solid and long-term relationship with our partners and customers, whether local or international, based on the principle of profit – profit for all and based on trust and its essence is quality.