Kwesi Pharma

Business development

Integrated logistics solutions

  • We know that every product we deal with is valuable to human health, and therefore we pay special attention to logistical management, and we have established an effective and tight system to manage the supply chains of products in general from the point of exit of products from the source through supervising the methods of transporting them, their storage conditions and their packaging and then receiving them in our warehouse. And coding for easy traceability, packaging and processing for shipment and export and following up the supply process to the last point when the products reach the final destination of the customer.

 Warehouse and packaging

  • Products are stored in a warehouse designed with accurate standards approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health, where there is a possibility of storing products in all required storage conditions.
  • The warehouse temperatures are: 2 – 8 ° C, 8 – 15 ° C, 15 – 20 ° C, 20 – 25 ° C.
  • Products are coded, wrapped and packed in reliable and robust ways, commensurate with the conditions of shipping and supply and according to customers’ request.


  • We have a wide network of local and international shipping companies to get the most suitable shipping offers to any point in the world at competitive prices and with a flexible and fast delivery schedule with the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

Export procedures and shipment tracking

  • Preparing and preparing the necessary documents and completing the export customs procedures in the concerned government agencies.
  • Track the path of shipments from their exit from our warehouse until they reach the final destination.