Kwesi Pharma

Business development


  • In the interest of Kwesi Pharma’s mission, which is to expand its business and deliver its medical services to patients all over the world, we are working on arranging agreements with manufacturers and suppliers to market and distribute their products in emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa, by taking advantage of our reliable network base of Domestic and international partners.
  • We depend on our local partners from manufacturers and suppliers with utmost care based on their values, principles and position in the market, so that they undergo standard technical checks, pass quality tests approved by official government agencies, and obtain the necessary certificates.
  • Always actively trying to select our international partners and distribution channels so that they share the same values, principles and orientation with us, and then perform administrative checks and market analyzes and evaluate their performance in their markets and the extent of their capabilities to meet the necessary conditions to grant them the right of power of attorney and exclusive distribution.
  • Kwise Pharma does not stop at this point of concluding agreements and contracts, but goes beyond that to a continuous comprehensive guarantee management for all stages from the beginning of determining the requests from distributors, evaluating them, then delivering them to the manufacturers and then receiving the products and doing them with quality assurance checks, packaging and supply, and through the implementation of export customs procedures Governmental and direct supervision of logistics services, ending with the arrival of products to the final distribution channels and providing them with after-sales services.

And finally, making assessments for all stages for the sake of continuous development and finding the most appropriate solution to the problems that may arise during any stage in order to ensure that products reach the disease with the highest certified quality.